JMM 2019 Minicourse

At JMM 2019, we will share some of our activities in a minicourse titled Using Data Applications to Inspire Linear Algebra Topics in the Classroom . The course is scheduled in two parts. Part A, Wednesday, 9:00–11:00 am, and Part B, Friday, 9:00–11:00 am. This minicourse is designed for participants who wish to incorporate data applications into their linear algebra courses. It provides a hands-on introduction to two data applications that inspire a host of linear algebra topics in the classroom: brain scan tomography (3d image reconstruction) and heat diffusion (diffusion welding and image warping). Participants will work with these applications using either Matlab or Octave, but no prior experience with these programs is required. There will also be time for pedagogical advice and group discussions regarding how to adapt the provided code and materials to one's own course.

  • Handouts for Day 1 and Day 2.
  • Example Image Warp Movie: mp4 , avi
  • Code Download.The code will download as a compressed zip file (MinicourseCodeAll.tar.gz) of 434MB which includes all minicourse code for Matlab and Octave as well as several large data files. (Windows users can uncompress this file using WinZip.) The uncompressed code will also be provided at the minicourse on a USB drive. You can view setup instructions for Matlab, Octave and octave-online users. Code and instructions will also be provided during the minicourse.